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Urban Ecology in New York City

Urban Ecology and Urban Planning will be explored hand in hand in this 36-hour P-credit course. Through this course we will dig into the historical design and long-lasting impacts of urban planning within New York City and examine urban development decisions from colonial to modern times. In addition to classroom and zoo grounds explorations covering topics including woodlands ecosystem ecology, water cycles, carbon cycles, and species adaptation to urbanization, one full day of our course will be a walking and learning tour of Lower Manhattan (total walking distance approximately 2.4 miles). During this walking exploration we will examine ecological systems management in NYC including storm water runoff, coastal planning, urban biodiversity, urban population growth, and greenhouse gas emission. As part of the culminating course project, teachers will collaborate to design visions for the future of New York City that effectively address issues explored during the course, utilizing web-based modeling platforms. Teachers can bring all this new knowledge back to their classrooms, supported by our exploration of inquiry teaching and learning methodologies and constructivism, in the design of a lesson or unit for their classrooms that allows students to explore issues of urban ecology.

30 seats available.
Price:   $250.00

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