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Habitat Ecology for Educators

This P-Credit and CTLE course for elementary and middle school teachers is a creative way to integrate multiple subjects and research-based pedagogical strategies to teach science! Learning experiences align with NYS Elementary Science Standards and Common Core Learning Standards, to help teachers strengthen their content knowledge of animal habitats, evolution, biology, and ecology. Teachers will also develop pedagogical skills like utilizing inquiry-based learning and teaching for conceptual change to enhance students’ understanding of life science. In addition, teachers will develop specific strategies to highlight the impact that human activities can have on wildlife and wild places in a way that inspires students to take conservation action. Finally, teachers will learn how to utilize the exhibit spaces at the zoo to support authentic learning. Each teacher will receive WCS Curriculum and supplemental resources to help encourage students to explore the richness of ecology– both in the classroom and in a local park, nature center, or zoo.  

20 seats available.
Price:   $250.00

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